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Table 2 Interviewed teachers’ information

From: The Myanmar university entrance examination

No Age Gender Degree held Length of experience teaching English School where teacher currently works Position at the school
T1 53 Female B.Ed. (Institute of Education, 1981), Yangon 30 years B.E.H.S (1), Magway SAT
T2 42 Male M.A. (EFL) Over 10 years - AL
T3 46 Male M.A. (English), Diploma in Applied Linguistics (RELC) 20 years Magway University Lecturer
T4 48 Female M.A. (English), Mandalay University 25 years Magway University Associate Prof.
T5 60 Female B.Ed., Diploma in English, Institute of Foreign languages 36 years retired retired
T6 55 Female B.Ed., Institute of Education, Yangon 31 years B.E.H.S.(1), Magway SAT
T7 47 Male M.A. (English), Mandalay 24 years Magway University Lecturer
T8 25 Female M.A. (English), Magway University 8 years Magway University Tutor
T9 35 Female M.A. (English), Mandalay 6 years Magway University Tutor
T10 36 Female M.A. (English), Yangon University 6 years Magway University Tutor