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Table 3 English test item types and scores

From: The Myanmar university entrance examination

Section Context of evaluation (Tasks) Competence Actual area tested Item types No. of items Scores  
I Read the passage Reading Reading the same passages in the test Correct words/phrases & short sentences 10 10 50
II Cloze Type where missing words are adjectives, nouns, prepositions, connectors, etc. Grammar Grammar & Memory recall from the text Close type item (Close-ended) 20 10
III Fill in the blank Vocabulary/ Textual Memorization of the text Correct words/ phrases (close-ended items) 10 10
IV Give complete answers Reading & Knowledge from the text Memorization of the text Complete (may be long) answers – open-ended items 5 10
V Read the passage Reading Reading the same passages in the text Complete answers (open-ended items) 5 10
VI Punctuation Correct use of punctuation in writing Memory recall & Writing Completion (close-ended items) 5 5 50
VII (A) Transformation of sentences Grammar Grammar Completion & Rewriting grammatical sentences (close-ended items) 10 10
VII (B) Guided writing: one paragraph using prompts given Writing Textual coherence Textual coherence & Memory recall on the passages from the text Composition (open-ended type) 1 10
VIII Writing Letter Writing Communicative writing Composition (open-ended type) 1 15
IX Writing Essay Writing Descriptive writing Composition (open-ended type) 1 10
  Total Scores 100  
  Administration time 3 hrs