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Editorial – language testing in Asia

This editorial marks the completion of the third year of publication of Language Testing in Asia, with research articles published from eleven countries including Thailand, Iran, Bhutan, Myanmar, Japan, Oman, India, China, Hong Kong, Macedonia and the Philippines. To date all articles have been based on English language assessment/testing but we welcome research on other languages.

The journal is attracting increasing numbers of submissions and qualified researchers who could be added to our list of reviewers should contact the editorial staff. As with most journals, as the number of submissions increase, so too the number of rejections. In general the submissions that are rejected fit into three categories: those that are only of peripheral interest to language testing; methodology that is unclear or difficult to replicate; or a topic that has limited academic worth. Sometimes problems with language usage appear but these can be resolved and rarely result in a rejection.

In 2013 LTA published a special issue: Language Testing in the Philippines, with Sterling Plata as guest editor. We welcome applications from qualified academics who could edit a similar special issue based on a single country or on a topic of importance (online testing, validity, large scale tests, etc.).

Finally, for any academics concerned about the submission fee, it should be noted that Springer have a generous waiver policy which ensures the large majority of worthy articles are published. Open access is becoming increasingly common in academic publishing and SpringerOpen (including Biomed Central) now has around 170 journals with an impact factor (41% of the total number of their open access journals). While most of these journals are in the sciences there is a continuing growth in the number of humanities journals.

Robert Kirkpatrick

Gulf University for Science and Technology

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