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Table 1 Four Sections of the TEAP Test

From: Factor structure of the Test of English for Academic Purposes (TEAP®) test in relation to the TOEFL iBT® test

Part Skill k
  Reading (70 min; multiple choice) 60
1 Vocabulary and word usage 20
2A Understanding graphs and charts 5
2B Understanding notices and e-mails 5
2C Understanding short texts 10
3A Understanding long texts 8
3B Understanding long texts (including graphs and charts) 12
  Listening (50 min; multiple choice) 50
1A Understanding short conversations 10
1B Understanding short talks, news, and lectures 10
1C Understanding short texts, including graphs and charts 5
2A Understanding long conversations, including three-way interactions 9
3A Understanding long passages such as lectures, including graphs and charts 16
  Speaking (10 min; face-to-face, one-on-one interview) 4
1 Describing oneself 1
2 Role-playing: Interviewing an interviewer (tests the ability to lead conversations) 1
3 Making a speech on current issues 1
4 Responding to questions on current issues 1
  Writing (70 min; 2 tasks) 2
1 Summarizing an expository text or critique in about 70 words 1
2 Reading multiple texts, graphs, and charts, summarizing main points, and writing a 200-word opinion essay 1
  1. Note: k = number of items/tasks. This table was sourced from the Eiken Foundation of Japan (n.d.b.)