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Table 2 A profile of 9 Taiwanese companies requiring English skills among all employees according to interviews from representatives of each company

From: Consequences of test use: a case study of employers’ voice on the social impact of English certification exit requirements in Taiwan

Industry sector Employees English language requirement Reasons for that requirement
High technology 13,000 1. A basic level for operations/production/assembly lines
2. Good written and oral English
• all the markings on the chips are in English
• to better communicate with overseas clients to make the products they need
Manufacturing 9,000 A basic to high command of English • to manage documents in English
• to manage work in sales and research development
• to communicate with foreign consultants
Banking & Mortgage 5, 000 A basic to high command of English • to communicate with foreign banks or do foreign exchange operations
• to communicate with foreign clients
• to leave a good impression on our customers that the overall quality of our employees reaches a particular standard
High technology 1,000 A basic to high command of English • to contact foreign clients or suppliers to purchase products or acquire technical knowledge regarding the maintenance of products
Education & training 400 A basic level to high command of English • to communicate with foreign customers and foreign teachers regarding the characteristics of different books
• to write emails to overseas publishers regarding book orders
Education & training 200 Intermediate GEPT
(CEFR level B1)
• to communicate with foreign teachers
• to answer students’ questions regarding certification tests
• to convince clients of their English abilities
High technology 200 A basic to high command of English • to understand emails and faxes in English
• to understand English machine manuals
• to engage in discussions at English-medium meetings
• to communicate or place orders overseas via email and phone.
High technology 54 A basic level • to contact overseas suppliers
• to understand English product manuals
• to prepare for IT certification tests
• to gain more respect from local clients by occasionally referring to terminology in English
High technology 8 A basic to high command of English • to have business interactions with overseas customers
• look for information and write reports