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Table 3 A profile of 8 Taiwanese companies requiring English among some employees according to interviews from representatives of each company

From: Consequences of test use: a case study of employers’ voice on the social impact of English certification exit requirements in Taiwan

Industry Employees English language requirement Positions that need English
Insurance (1) 30,000 The ability to maintain contact with staff from the head office in the U.S. Positions including and above vice-managers
Banking & mortgage (1) 7,000 An ability to write and read is required more than speaking in suburban branches, while speaking skills are also required in city branches. The foreign exchange division, where they have to deal with letters of credit that are all written in English.
Accounting & finance (1) 2,000 Strong command of English because employees must frequently contact overseas companies, and they need to adequately answer the majority of their correspondence in English Professional divisions such as financial services
Human resources service (1) 600 not mentioned Those who must deal with foreign clients
Retail (1) 600 The ability to serve foreign visitors and respond to their inquiries The supervisors of each floor, telephone operators, and those who work at information desks
Hospitality & travel, restaurant & food service (2) 50–250 The ability to speak, read, and write English in order to answer foreign customers’ inquiries about services, fax them, and prepare information for their meetings Those contacting guests, such as receptionists or room service managers.
Education and training center (1) 10 Basic English language knowledge for beginners Those who teach English