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Table 3 National assessments for English language education in China

From: Developing the China Standards of English: challenges at macropolitical and micropolitical levels

Educational stage Assessment
Elementary No national assessments for elementary education
Junior secondary Provincial or municipal assessments for senior secondary admission
Senior secondary National Matriculation English Test (NMET) for college admission
Secondary vocational & vocational Practical English Test for Colleges (PRETCO) for vocational English program exit
Undergraduate (non-English major) College English Test (CET) Band 4 & Band 6 for College English program exit
Undergraduate (English major) Test for English Majors (TEM) Band 4 & Band 8 for English major program exit
Graduate (non-English major) Graduate School Entrance English Examination (GSEEE) for graduate school admission
All stages Public English Test System (PETS) Band 1 ~ 5 for admission, promotion, overseas study, etc.