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Table 1 The Component and Structure of TOPE

From: Looking beyond scores: validating a CEFR-based university speaking assessment in Mainland China

Part Task Test format Time Weighting Can-do requirements
1 Reading-aloud and retelling One student at a time 5 m 20% -Can read English essays/stories aloud correctly in appropriate pronunciation and intonation.
-Can retell the audio/video materials in a coherent, complete, standard and appropriate way.
-Can be confident in using retelling strategies
2 Presentation and discussion Two or three students in a group 18 m 45% -Can give brief information about own family, living conditions and interest, etc.
- Can give clear description and presentation according to the given visual or written prompt (e.g., picture, charts or photos) in a thoughtful, fluent, logic and well-structured way.
-Can converse comfortably and appropriately on relevant topics. Can convey explicit ideas and opinions and respond to others’ argument convincingly.
-Can communicative effectively by employing both verbal and non-verbal strategies.
3 Impromptu speech and Q&A One student at a time 5 m 35% -Can produce clear, smoothly flowing, and well-structured speech with an effective logical structure.
-Can respond to questions relevant to the topic adequately and precisely.
-Can use speech and Q&A strategies appropriately.