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Table 1 Item Level Content Validity Index (ICVI) for the dimension “Physical environment” (PE)

From: Development of a home literacy environment questionnaire for Tamil-speaking kindergarten children

Item Mean ICVI Interpretation
My child has toys that teach colors, shapes sizes, etc. 3.94 1.00 Appropriate
My child has three or more puzzles 3.76 0.94 Appropriate
My child has toys or games requiring refined movements 3.71 0.88 Appropriate
My child has at least 10 children’s books 3.65 0.88 Appropriate
My child has toys that help teach the names of animals, vehicles, fruits, etc. 3.88 0.94 Appropriate
We have alphabet books/blocks/magnetic letters/flashcards/workbooks at home 4.00 1.00 Appropriate
There is a designated place for books and toys at home 3.71 0.94 Appropriate
The toys and books are accessible to the child 4.00 1.00 Appropriate