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Table 3 Item Level Content Validity Index (ICVI) for the dimension “Child literacy habits” (CLH)

From: Development of a home literacy environment questionnaire for Tamil-speaking kindergarten children

Item Mean ICVI Interpretation
My child asks for help learning the letters of the alphabet 3.71 1.00 Appropriate
My child asks for help while writing 3.59 0.88 Appropriate
My child pretends to write by scribbling on paper 3.41 0.76 Eliminated
My child asks for books to be read to him/her 3.88 0.94 Appropriate
My child is interested in using computers, mobile phones, and other devices for learning 2.76 0.71 Eliminated
My child pretends to read from books or says stories to himself/herself 3.65 0.94 Appropriate
My child shows interest in reading signboards when we go out 3.82 0.94 Appropriate
My child shows interest in identifying the product by looking at an advertisement or the wrapper of the product 3.59 0.94 Appropriate