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Table 5 Item Level Content Validity Index (ICVI) for the dimension “Parental beliefs” (PB)

From: Development of a home literacy environment questionnaire for Tamil-speaking kindergarten children

Item Mean ICVI Interpretation
My child enjoys it when I teach him/her to read/write letters 2.18 0.59 Eliminated
Parents can teach alphabets to their child in addition to what is taught in school 3.71 0.94 Appropriate
Parents can help their child to read and write words in addition to what is taught in school 3.59 0.94 Appropriate
Most children do well at reading words in school because their parent teaches them to read words at home 3.65 1.00 Appropriate
Parents have the responsibility to teach reading and writing skills to their child 3.94 1.00 Appropriate
Most parents should supplement the literacy skills their child learns at school by teaching their child literacy skills at home 3.88 1.00 Appropriate
Parents should select books based on their colorful illustrations high-interest content and natural language 3.41 0.82 Appropriate
Parents should develop the child’s confidence and interest in putting ideas on paper in whatever form they can (drawing writing etc.) 3.76 0.94 Appropriate
Parents should help in developing child’s ability to divide a word into parts or syllables to read new words 3.65 0.94 Appropriate
When we read, I want my child to ask questions about the book 2.47 0.53 Eliminated
I think that it is important to develop a broad interest in reading in my child 4.00 1.00 Appropriate
I think that it is important to develop my child’s ability to hear the separate sounds in spoken words such as “f” in “fish” or [p] in [padagu] in Tamil. 3.65 0.94 Appropriate