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Table 1 Educational background and teaching experience of the trained raters

From: Evaluating CEFR rater performance through the analysis of spoken learner corpora

  Rater 1 Rater 2 Rater 3
First language English English English
Current academic position Lecturer Lecturer IELTS examiner trainer
Recognized qualification in teaching English CELTA MA in TESOL and TEFL certificate CELTA, DELTA, and MA in TESOL
Years of teaching experience at university 0 2.5
in Taiwan
Various in two countries
Years of teaching experience elsewhere 14
in Taiwan
n/a n/a
Familiarity with non-English accents Asian (Korean/Chinese) Chinese, French, European Chinese
Past experience of rating speaking Yes
Research project
Familiarity with CEFR before the rater standardization training Somewhat Basic n/a
Past experience using the CEFR scales in marking spoken English Yes
Placement tests
No Yes
Placement tests