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Table 2 Educational background and teaching experience of the teachers of English

From: Evaluating CEFR rater performance through the analysis of spoken learner corpora

  Teacher 1 Teacher 2 Teacher 3 Teacher 4 Teacher 5 Teacher 6
First language Mandarin Chinese English Mandarin Chinese Mandarin Chinese Mandarin Chinese Mandarin Chinese
Current academic position Lecturer PhD student and lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer
Recognized qualification in teaching English TKT Module 1, 2, 3, and Young Learners, MA in Applied Linguistics (TEFL) TEFL/ TESOL, Oxford Cambridge Phonics, BA in Education MA in TESOL MA in TESOL MA in English Literature MA in TEFL
Years of teaching experience at university 9 in Taiwan 12 in the USA, China, Korea 14 7 10 in Taiwan 12 in Taiwan
Years of teaching experience elsewhere 0.5 12 (elementary/secondary) in the USA, China, Korea 3 8 0 4 (preschool/young learners) in Taiwan
Familiarity with non-English accents Chinese Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Hong Kong, Taiwanese, and Indonesian Chinese Chinese, Japanese, Singaporean, Malaysian, and Indonesian Chinese, Japanese Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, Indian, and German
Past experience of rating speaking No Yes No Yes No No
Familiarity with CEFR before the rater standardization training Basic None Basic None Limited Limited
Past experience in using the CEFR scales for marking spoken English None None None None None None