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Table 1 Themes, definitions, codes, and examples

From: The language assessment literacy needs of Iranian EFL teachers with a focus on reformed assessment policies

Themes Definitions Codes Examples
Reformed-based assessment support Facilities which teachers should be provided with in order to practice the reform-based assessment Assessment guideline, infrastructure Head teacher 8: The problem is that in our Grand Documents, the policy is not mentioned in detail and just the general grading issues (Barombandi) have been mentioned.
Head teacher 2: Since the class size is large, all the students cannot participate in the activities each session.
Teachers’ assessment literacy Teachers’ assessment knowledge and perception and their ability to practice their knowledge in educational contexts. Teachers’ assessment knowledge, teachers’ assessment perceptions Head teacher 3: …teachers’ perspective and their own way of teaching has been fixed in their mind. Change is very hard for teachers.
Head teacher 11: As the textbook has changed, there is a need for teachers to enhance their abilities in listening and speaking.