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Table 2 Text analysis of reading passages

From: Test format effects: a componential approach to second language reading

  Text W Text S
Genre Expository Expository
Text structure Description Description
Title Lake water Breathing during sleep
Number of words 737 709
Readability Flesch reading ease score (0–100) 51.53 45.91
Flesch-Kincaid grade level (0–12) 12.18 12.04
Coh-Metrix L2 readability 13.54 12.05
Vocabulary complexity K1+K2 word percentage 84.05 80.40
AWL percentage 7.04 8.04
Type and token ratio 0.41 0.40
Syntactic complexity Left embeddedness, words before main verb, mean 6.10 6.47
Mean number of modifiers per noun-phrase 1.04 0.97
  Sentence syntax similarity, all combinations, across paragraphs, mean 0.054 0.085