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Table 5 Occurrences of perceptions held towards IELTS test results of underperforming candidates

From: ‘Remark or retake’? A study of candidate performance in IELTS and perceptions towards test failure

Superordinate themes/themes K %
Rejection of test results 126 70.0%
 Unreliable assessment 93 73.8%
 Disbelief of result based on perceptions of performance 30 23.8%
 Accusation of test unfairness 3 2.4%
Acceptance of test results 35 19.4%
 Under-preparation 14 40.0%
 Mistakes made in the test 7 20.0%
 Affective responses in the test 7 20.0%
 Difficulties with the content of the test 7 20.0%
Unsure of sufficiency of achieved score 19 10.6%