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Table 1 The Secrets of the Stars course program overview

From: SOLO taxonomy as EFL students’ disciplinary literacy evaluation tool in technology-enhanced integrated astronomy course

DaySession titleGoalsActivities
Science Inquiry
• Gaining awareness about the plurality of the approaches to science
• Making hypotheses and mastering argumentation
• Collaboration
• Work with a camera
• Use of video-editing software
• Developing interview questions
• Program overview
• Astronomy diagnostic test
• Teambuilding
• Creating team introductory videos
• Next session preparation
2Beliefs and Assumptions about Astronomy• Data search
• Planning and organising
• Data management
• Video-editing
• Listening to the Australian Aboriginal story of creation
• Learning the creation stories of other people
• Script writing
• Collecting and analysing information
• Storyboarding
• Taking footage
• Video-editing
• Discussion
3The Solar System• Learning about the Solar System
• Calculating scales
• Making scale models
• Investigating the structure of the Solar System
• Building scale models of the Solar System
• Making a video about the Solar System
4Stars, colour, brightness, and life history• Stellarium software
• Understanding the features of the stars
• Making colour images of the stars
• Mapping constellations
• Making colour images of the stars
• Making a video guide to the use of the Stellarium software
5How the constellation got its name?• Research skills
• Presentation skills
• Finding a story behind the name of a constellation
• Making a video about one of the constellations
6Phases of the Moon• Understanding the phases of the Moon
• Practising the use of scale models
• Keeping a log book of observations
• Reporting the observations
• Completing the Moon phases observation log book
• Making scale models of the Earth and the Moon
• Making a video-report to explain the phases of the Moon
7Day, Night and Seasons• Testing hypotheses
• Comparing
• Exploring the reasons behind the night and day phenomenon
• Exploring the reasons for having seasons
• Making a video about night and day or seasons
8What is an Ecotect?• Making predictions
• Summarising
• Thinking about the possible high-demand jobs of the future
9My Journey through Space and Time• Reflecting about the gained knowledge
• Presentations and feedback
• Astronomy diagnostic test
• Demonstration of the videos made during the course
• Awarding Certificates of completion