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Table 11 Responses from three different interviewees to task 10 (all marked as rehearsed)

From: Line, please? An analysis of the rehearsed speech characteristics of native Korean speakers on the English Oral Proficiency Interview—Computer (OPIc)

Uh, last year I took a trip, uh, Manila which is located in the Philippine. Uh, uh, one day I went to Manila while- while I was working on the shopping mall. I met my old friend So Ra Kim. Suddenly I saw one person who looks like my friend. At first I just ignored her. A few seconds later, she called my name. I was very surprised to see her there. At first I was [unintelligible]. Soon, we realized each other and were so glad to meet again. We went to the bar for a casual drink. We talk about our life and school. I had a good chat- a good time. I had a good time. We still keep in touch each other.
Um, I, uh, last- last month, I went- I went the Europe with my best friend CheolSu. Uh, when I go there, fortunately, I met a old friend, YoungHee. First- at first, I ignore her, because- uh, because- ah, no no, uh, at first, I ignore her. Uh, few sec- few seconds later, I and her- I and she- I and she are recognize each other. I was very surprise. So- so, and sh- because she called my name, we- we- we have met- we have not met for twenty years- no, ten years. So, very, very, very glad to meet again. Uh, after- after- after traveling these place, we go to the bar to talk about life and school. And we- we kee- we still keep in touch each other. Thank you.
Wow, it is very interesting question, let me see. Uh, two years ago, I went there Tokyo with my family. At the time I was very surprised experience. Uh, I was very surprised because I met my old friend SuRa Kim. Um, before, we never met each other for five years . . . . I- firstly, I ignored her, but she called my name. I really surprised to see her there. We went shoppi- we shopping together, and after that, I- oh, after that we went to the cafeteria for lunch. And then, we talked about our future and school. We had a good time. . . .