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Table 1 Components of the NMET written test

From: A moderated mediation analysis of the relationship between a high-stakes English test and test takers’ extracurricular English learning activities

Part Test content Test format Weighting Percentage
I Listening comprehension Section 1: Five short dialogues (five items) Three-option MCQ 7.5 20%
Section 2: Five long dialogues or monologues (15 items) Three-option MCQ 22.5
II Reading comprehension Section 1: Four passages of varying length (15 items) Four-option MCQ 30 27%
Section 2: One passage with five missing sentences (five items) Selecting-five-from-seven-option MCQ 10
III Language knowledge use Section 1: A cloze (20 items) Four-option MCQ 30 30%
Section 2: A passage with ten blanks, some of the blanks are followed by a cue word (10 items) Blank filling 15
IV Writing Section 1: Proofreading a short text, with each line containing one error (10 items) Error correction 10 23%
Section 2: Writing a short passage of approximately 100 words based on the hypothetical situation provided in the instruction Guided writing task 25
  1. Note: MCQ, multiple-choice questions