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Table 2 Topics and arrangement of the descriptive and narrative writing elicitation tasks

From: Different dimensions of teacher and peer assessment of EFL learners’ writing: descriptive and narrative genres in focus

Session Genre Writing task
1 Descriptive What are your reading habits?
2 Narrative What was your best vacation?
3 Descriptive How do you play with your smartphone?
4 Narrative What was the last time you saw a doctor?
5 Descriptive What type of movies do you like most?
6 Narrative What do you remember from your childhood?
7 Descriptive How is your neighborhood?
8 Narrative What do you remember from the last birthday party you were invited?
9 Descriptive What is your ideal apartment?
10 Narrative How does your life look like in 5 years?
11 Descriptive How do you clean your room?
12 Narrative What do you remember about the worst day of your life?