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Table 3 The analytical scheme for classifying TA and PA on descriptive writing tasks

From: Different dimensions of teacher and peer assessment of EFL learners’ writing: descriptive and narrative genres in focus

Category Theme Teacher feedback Peer feedback
Example Example
Organization • Transitional devices “The sentences need a connector, therefore?” “I think the sentences are very short.”
Development • Details “Add adverbs to modify the verb work. “……. Working hard”
Sentence structure • Compound sentence
• Complex sentence
• Subject-verb agreement
“Dangling subject!” Who is the doer in this sentence? “They ……… have cooperated.”
Word choice and grammar • Singular vs plural nouns
• Adjective vs adverb
• Pronoun
“activitiveness? Check your dictionary.” “The tenses are not correct.”
Mechanics • Capitalization
• Punctuation
• Spelling
“however; it needs semicolon.” “Names of the seas are capital.”