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Table 4 The analytical scheme for classifying TA and PA on narrative writing tasks

From: Different dimensions of teacher and peer assessment of EFL learners’ writing: descriptive and narrative genres in focus

Category Theme Teacher feedback Peer feedback
Example Example
Narrative focus • Time
• Place
• Character
“It is confusing! Where and when? “When did he see the teacher?”
Organization • Transitional devices
• Sentence formation
“It is called enumerators. You should use them.” “He saw her first.”
Elaboration of narrative • Details
• Sensory words
“It was fun? Explain more.” “Use adjectives like larger, bigger….”
Language and Vocabulary • Figurative language “Taller or higher?” “The past tense of lie is laid?”
Conventions • Capitalization
• Punctuation
• Spelling
“Read about the use of comma in conditional sentences.” “Proper nouns should be capital.”