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Item Sequence on Test Performance: Easy Items First?

  • Kamal Heidari Soureshjani1
Language Testing in Asia20111:46

Published: 15 October 2011


Among several factors affecting the performance of testees on a test is the sequence of the test items. The present study served as an attempt to shed light on the effect of test item sequence on Iranian EFL learners' performance on a test of grammar. To achieve such a purpose, 70 language learners of English at Pooyesh Institute in Shiraz (the capital of Fars province, Iran) were given two tests (one with easy to difficult items and the other just the reverse) were designed. The results of the study revealed that the sequence of items affect foreign language learners' performance. That is, those taking easy to difficult test outperforming students taking the difficult to easy test. The study also bears a set of implications.


test specificationstest method facetsidentical itemstest battery