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Assessment, Testing and Correcting Studentsxs' Errors and Mistakes


This study is the result of continuous four-year work in the field of noting and reviewing of errors in learning English. The object of this research were 50 students at the State University of Tetova who study English. In this work were studied errors made by students during tests, interviews, dictations, writing paragraphs and different essays. If in the spoken language errors can be allowed without being corrected, as long as the message comes clear, it is understood that in the written work errors should be corrected more carefully, because if they are left without correction, these errors can become fossilized. For the objective of our work it was important to attempt to find the most appropriate strategy to correct errors and mistakes and the best way to assess our students' writings. Thus, this study is a modest contribution that, in the first place, should be taken as an incentive and orientation for new lecturers and researchers to improve their work regarding the attitude that should be held towards errors and mistakes of our students.

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