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Teaching Tense through Texts and Drills: Comparison of Test Scores

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Language Testing in Asia20111:120

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Comparison of Teaching Tense through Texts and Drills: A Case Study in Thailand was to study the effectiveness, the causes and advantages and disadvantages of the effects following from these teaching methods. Both grammar classes of grade 11 students of English Program Department of Assumption College Thonburi were taught by two different teaching methods, using texts and drills. They were tested by pre-test and post-test. The results and the opinions of both tests of both classes were compared. The students in the class taught by drills got higher development score; however, the other class already got high scores in their pre-test and we can't see much improvement from their score because there's not much chance to improve anymore. Moreover, the questionnaire asking about the students' opinions and suggestions about the tests expressed that one of the most possible way suggested is that teachers should choose the teaching styles which are appropriate with their own students according to some specific, individual factors of each class.


  • teaching tense
  • teaching methods
  • texts and grammar drills
  • pre-test and post-test

Authors’ Affiliations

Assumption College, Thailand


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