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An Evaluative Commentary of the Grade 1 EIKEN Test


This paper aims to analyse the fit between the "use" and "usefulness" of the EIKEN Grade 1 test as a valid and reliable instrument to measure second language proficiency. The recent re-positioning of the EIKEN Grade 1 test as an internationally recognised higher stakes test of English proficiency, which allows successful test taker's access to higher education in international academic contexts, is discussed. The evaluation was based upon Bachman and Palmer's (1996) model of test usefulness in order to critically ascertain whether such test use is one that could be justified. This empirical investigation explicitly purports the need for further quantitative and qualitative analysis to justify EIKEN Grade 1's test usefulness.

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Piggin, G. An Evaluative Commentary of the Grade 1 EIKEN Test. Language Testing in Asia 1, 144 (2011).

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