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C-test and Vocabulary Knowledge

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Language Testing in Asia20111:7

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This study aims to investigate the applicability of C-test in vocabulary assessment. Doing so four C-tests, two different in terms of their lexical richness (measured through P_Lex) and the other two different in terms of their lexical variation (measured through type/token ratio), were developed and the performance of 74 and 77 Iranian TEFL MA students on these tests was examined. These C-tests were identical in every term except lexical characteristics. The results revealed that the test takers performed significantly different in both situations. This led to the conclusion that C-test has the potential to tap vocabulary knowledge and with the consideration of lexical characteristics of C-test texts we can tailor C-tests that are suitable for vocabulary knowledge assessment.


  • C-test
  • lexical richness
  • lexical variation
  • P_Lex
  • type/token ratio

Authors’ Affiliations

Islamic Azad University, Najafabad Branch, Iran


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