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An Investigation into the Iranian EFL Language Learners' Attitudes on TOEFL iBT

This article was retracted on 03 December 2013


The present study, which was probably the first of its kind in Iran, aimed at investigating the attitudes of Iranian iBT candidates towards the iBT test. It especially addressed the role of gender in the attitude of the participants of the study on iBT test. Accordingly, an attitude questionnaire was developed based on the theoretical framework of the study and then administered among Iranian iBT candidates who had taken the test in Shiraz, Iran. The collected data was then analyzed through chi-square and T-test to see if there was any meaningful relationship between candidates' sex and their attitudes towards the iBT test. The study revealed that first, most of the participants in the study had a positive attitude toward iBT and second, it was found out that the candidates' gender had no significant role in their attitudes towards iBT test. Implications can be drawn for all the stakeholders including candidates intending to sit for the test, institutes running iBT preparation program and teachers wishing to teach such programs.

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