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Table 4 A hypothetical proficiency scale of the CSE (adapted from National Education Examinations Authority, 2014, p. 43)

From: Developing the China Standards of English: challenges at macropolitical and micropolitical levels

CSE level Targeted Chinese learners of English Major proficiency levels
CSE1 Elementary year 1–3 Basic level: A1
CSE2 Elementary year 4–6 Basic level: A2
CSE3 Junior secondary year 7–9 Basic level: A3
CSE4 Senior secondary year 10–12, secondary vocational Intermediate level: B1
CSE5 Vocational, undergraduate year 1–2 (non major), undergraduate year 1 (major) Intermeidate level: B2
CSE6 Undergraduate year 3–4 (non major), undergraduate year 2 (major) Intermediate level: B3
CSE7 Undergraduate year 3–4 (major) Advanced level: C1
CSE8 Postgraduate (major) Advanced level: C2
CSE9 Advanced learners of interpretation and translation Advanced level: C3
  1. Note. “non major” = students whose major is not English language and literature; “major” = students majoring in English language and literature