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Table 7 Reasons for item misfit

From: Calibrating the CEFR against the China Standards of English for College English vocabulary education in China

ID Descriptor wording Level Reason for misfit
V35 Knows the meaning of about 8,000 words and words from the AWL (Academic Word List), and 2,000 phrases C1-CSE8 Level disagreement
V3 Understands and uses a wide range of technical jargon C1-CSE8 Level disagreement
V6 Knows quite a large number of less usual idioms C1-CSE8 Level disagreement
V16 Can recognize and use a range of technical jargon B2-CSE7 Level disagreement
V32 Knows the meaning of 400–500 idioms or fixed collocations B1-CSE6 Level disagreement
V36 Can recognize the meaning of 1,500–2,000 most frequent everyday vocabulary related to a range of basic personal and familiar situations B1-CSE6 Level disagreement
V31 Knows the meaning of 3,000 words B1-CSE6 Level disagreement