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Table 10 Segments of Ben’s text production (0:14:05–0:20:34)

From: Using keystroke logging to understand writers’ processes on a reading-into-writing test

Documents Starting time Duration Keystroke logs (final text at the time)
Source Text 1 0:14:05 0:00:02  
Writing sheet 0:14:07 0:00:11 (n/a)
Source Text 1 0:14:18 0:00:02  
Writing sheet 0:14:20 0:06:14 In the work of Chester Mource, he discussed that Endangered Languages should be preserved because they are part of the identity of a group of people. Without an identity, people do not know who they are and as a result, do not have a foundation upon which they can rely upon to make decisions. In addition, their languages sort of enable the group to know what is acceptable within the group and what is not. Without the language, a breakdown in self esteem, law and order can result.
Furthermore, Chester Mource argues that if a Language is not saved from extinction, knowledge captured in the structure of the language could be lost resulting in a more improvished human race as a result of destruction of such precious life-saving knowledge such as what plants contain active ingredients for life-saving drugs.
Source Text 1 0:20:34 0:00:01  
  1. Note: for clarity, the final text as it appears at the end of the duration is shown
  2. Note 2: (n/a) indicates that the writer did not type anything within the duration