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Table 11 Segments of Mary’s text production (0:22:50–0:28:23)

From: Using keystroke logging to understand writers’ processes on a reading-into-writing test

Documents Starting time Duration Keystroke logs (final text at the time)
Writing sheet 0:23:08 0:00:21 advocates three result
Writing sheet 0:23:30 0:00:52 reason for it. Teh first one, according to the author is
Source text 1 0:24:22 0:00:11  
Writing sheet 0:24:32 0:00:55 apart from its practical use as a tool of communication, is also a means of cultural transmission.
Source text 1 0:25:27 0:00:12  
Writing sheet 0:25:39 0:02:36 The second reason for him is because languages are a valuable resource for linguists in their search for the relationship between languages and the development of mental processes its lost to the academic lost Finally, he argues
Source text 1 0:28:15 0:00:07  
Writing sheet 0:28:23 0:01:36 the lack of writing form, for this he gives a
  1. Note: for clarity, the final text as it appears at the end of the duration is shown
  2. Note 2: lifted text is bolded for reference