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Table 4 Item Level Content Validity Index (ICVI) for the dimension “Parent-child interaction for language and literacy activities” (PCI)

From: Development of a home literacy environment questionnaire for Tamil-speaking kindergarten children

Item Mean ICVI Interpretation
My child is encouraged to learn alphabets 3.18 0.76 Eliminated
I teach simple verbal manners (please, sorry, thank you, etc. 3.59 0.94 Appropriate
I encourage my child to talk and take time to listen 3.35 0.82 Appropriate
I use big sentences and a variety of words to talk to my child 3.24 0.76 Eliminated
I teach nursery rhymes and songs to my child 3.94 1.00 Appropriate
I name pictures in books and talk about the pictures 3.88 1.00 Appropriate
I read stories to my child 3.82 1.00 Appropriate
I point out to words in magazines/newspapers 3.88 1.00 Appropriate
I help my child solve jigsaw puzzles 3.65 0.88 Appropriate
I encourage my child to draw pictures and copy and trace alphabets 2.94 0.76 Eliminated
I give pencils/markers/crayons to my child to play with 2.06 0.47 Eliminated
I encourage my child to act out a story 3.12 0.82 Appropriate
I encourage my child to read product labels, street signs, and signboards 3.53 0.94 Appropriate
When we read, I try to sound excited so my child stays interested 3.88 1.00 Appropriate
I ask my child a lot of questions when we read 3.82 1.00 Appropriate
I try to make the story more real to my child by relating the story to his/her life 3.71 0.94 Appropriate
When we read, we talk about the pictures as much as we read the story 3.94 1.00 Appropriate
When we read, I encourage my child to tell the story 4.00 1.00 Appropriate
When we read, I ask my child to point out to different letters/numbers printed in the book 3.82 0.94 Appropriate
I play reading-related games with my child 3.76 1.00 Appropriate
I tell stories to my child 3.94 1.00 Appropriate
I point my child’s finger to words when I read to him/her 3.71 1.00 Appropriate
I expand and complete my child’s incomplete sentences when he/she speaks 3.06 0.76 Eliminated
I ask for clarifications when I do not understand my child’s speech 3.18 0.76 Eliminated
I speak to my child about what happened during the day 3.53 0.94 Appropriate
My child and I make new rhymes by playing with words/sounds 3.88 1.00 Appropriate
I change my voice to suit the characters when I read to my child 3.88 1.00 Appropriate
I talk to my child about what he/she watches on TV 3.59 0.94 Appropriate
I use English to communicate with my child 2.53 0.59 Eliminated
I use our home language to speak to my child 3.29 0.76 Eliminated
I translate the stories into our home language when my child does not understand English words 3.76 0.94 Appropriate