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Table 1 An overview of the evaluation and explanation inferences

From: Developing a test of L2 Chinese pragmatic comprehension ability

Inferences Warrants Assumptions Backing
Evaluation 1. Observations of performance on the test are properly evaluated to provide observed scores reflective of pragmatic comprehension ability. 1. Statistical characteristics of test items are appropriate for the intended purpose of the test. 1. Item/test statistics (e.g., item/test difficulty, item discrimination, item fit, distractor analysis) are within an expected range.
Explanation 2. Expected scores are attributable to a construct of pragmatic comprehension ability. 2. Test performance varies according to well-documented examinee factor(s) affecting pragmatic comprehension. 2. Positive effects of proficiency on test performance.
   3. The internal structure of the test conforms to a theoretical view of the construct of pragmatic comprehension ability. 3a. Strong correlations between different types of implicatures.
3b. Different implicature types lead to different test performance.
3c. Different linguistic knowledge, processes, and strategies are involved in interpreting different types of implicatures.