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Table 4 Estimated variance components

From: Developing a scoring rubric for L2 summary writing: a hybrid approach combining analytic and holistic assessment

Sources of variance Estimated variance components
p × i 0.184 (25.4%)
p × r 0.138 (19.1%)
p 0.111 (15.4%)
i × r 0.045 (6.3%)
i 0.025 (3.4%)
r 0.000 (0.0%)
p × r × i (residual) 0.220 (30.4%)
  1. Note: p is the object of measurement (here, student summaries), i is the items (here, dimensions), and r is the raters. Except for the residual, the variance components are arranged from largest to smallest. The sum of the percentages in parentheses is 100%