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Table 10 Recurring themes in the intermediate description tasks 9 and 5 across interviews

From: Line, please? An analysis of the rehearsed speech characteristics of native Korean speakers on the English Oral Proficiency Interview—Computer (OPIc)

Task Response
9 I took a trip to Jeju Island, which is located in south of Korea. . . .I went there by air, it was my summer vaca- summer vacation. When I stayed there a week, I- I had- I had, um, many thing. On a first day, I- I climb up the- I climbed up the Halla Mountain, it took about five hours. . . .On the sec- on the second of trip, I- I had to swimming. Uh, I wa- we- we were swimming, sunbathing, and sn- snorkeling and beach volleyball. And we ha- we had barbeque party at night. On the last day, we tried- we tried their local food, such as raw fish-
9 Last year I took a trip to Manila which is located in the Philippine. Uh, it is for my summer vacation. . . .I stayed there for one week. I enjoyed many things. On the first day, we visited famous place such as national museum. On the second day, we enjoy many summer sports, uh, and sunbathing. We had a barbeque party at night. We drank all night. On the last day, we went shopping and bought some souvenir. We try the local food. . . .
5 Mm, um, last year I got a trip to Jeju Island, which is located in south of Korea. Uh, it was for summer vacation. Mm, so, I go there with my friends. Uh.. We flew there by Korean Air, it took one hour. We stayed, uh, for a week and enjoyed many things. Uh, first, we climb the, uh, Halla Mountain. Uh...