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Table 7 Rehearsed tasks of interviewee 4

From: Line, please? An analysis of the rehearsed speech characteristics of native Korean speakers on the English Oral Proficiency Interview—Computer (OPIc)

Task Prompt topic Response
5 Vacation companions I like to drive through, uh, lakeside area called Changpyeong for my vacation. . . .Um, when I- when- I carry very little cash when I travel. It makes me feel much safer.
11 Role-play purchase of technological item Hello, I need to talk to you about something. The problem is that- the problem is that I can't attendant the meeting today because my car is broken. Um, I'm really sorry, but can you please reschedule the meeting?....
14 Household responsibilities Um, sorry, I lived third floor on apartment building in [unintelligible]. There are four room, two bathroom, and a living room. It's different size for my family.. . . In my free time, I watch TV or relax- relax in the living room. In my, uh, my- my- my room is study room....